Telling real life differently

Through the joy and humanness of movement, we facilitate important conversations that are relatable, honest and accessible.

CoDa create professional artistic outdoor and immersive performances that amplify the lived experiences of neurologically disabled people and advocate for empathy and understanding towards difference in society. 

In particular, for the last 4 years, we’ve been using dance and new creative technologies (like VR, AR and 360 video) to illuminate the unusual symptoms of neurological conditions and the impact these have on mental health and familial relationships. 

Our artistic productions respond to the real-world stories we meet through our pioneering participatory methodology. Our team of professional artists are guided by the personal stories of our Dance for Neurology participants, who act as consultants and co-creators throughout the research, creation and testing processes.

As the Floor Shifts

Cutting edge virtual realities fuse with athletic contemporary dance to create immersive audience experiences


Immersive digital dance performance, now available

Don’t Look Down

A scalable installation featuring multiple digital artworks