As The Floor Shifts

As The Floor Shifts is a new body of work that explores how creative technologies and extended realities can create immersive dance performances that are exciting, thought-provoking and accessible. 

A continuation of REwired research in 2018, we are testing how creative technologies can emulate symptoms of neurodisabilities like MS and Acquired Brain Injury and how outdoor installation can deliver these innovative performance experiences to new audiences in public spaces. We’re also keen to find ways of taking these experiences into the homes of people that are shielding or unable to physically attend a public performance.

Imagine the installation: pyramid-shaped pods, each the size of an astronaut’s helmet, hung from a 10m-high triangular structure. The bottoms of the pods are open so that audiences can step inside and be surrounded by the 360° visuals and sound. Hung at different heights, the non-contact pods make the work accessible for wheelchair users, are easy to clean and facilitate social distancing in public spaces. Accessibility for our target audience (the Triangle of Care: neurodisabled people, carers, clinicians) is central to the work and VR installation in public spaces would also allow us to reach people impacted by neurodisability in the places they frequent in their daily lives, plus people affected by digital poverty.

Our research process will continue to be disability-led and guided by neurodisabled Creative Consultants. We’ll explore new ways they can contribute, including using brainwave scanners and movement capture. 

People we work with in the Triangle of Care tell us how important it is to share experiences, as it sheds light on different perspectives. A public art display on the installation structure itself, creative workshops and discussion events create space for this and are essential features of our research.