As The Floor Shifts

Digital dance shorts in extended realities

A series of digital dance shorts in extended realities that visualise symptoms experienced by people with neurological conditions and disabilities.


The As The Floor Shifts episodes, combine contemporary dance with motion capture, virtual and augmented reality, and mixed media design to create emotive and thought provoking visual experiences.

  • 3x Episodes (each <10-mins)
  • Online & in-person distribution 
  • Via screens or headsets 
  • Post-screening discussions encouraged

CoDa worked with industry leaders in digital performance to expand this research, incl James Hedley and Copper Candle (collaborators), Collusion (mentors) and DanceEast (research partner). 

We worked closely with neurologically disabled Lived Experience Consultants who collaborated in this research. They feed into concept development, shared testimonials, tested episode experiences, and fed back on which was most impactful and accessible.

 “Seeing my symptoms brought to life through light and dance was fascinating. I’ve never been able to fully explain it, but I really felt the dancers showed what it feels like for me each day. Everyone should see this to understand what it’s like to have MS.”

Tom, participant living with MS