Dance for carers

An outlet for carers is vital.

CoDa’s Dance for Carers sessions allow people to express their experiences and emotions safely and without words, as well as creating space for conversation and social connection.

In the UK 6.5 million people are carers and 6,000 more become carers every day, supporting a loved one who is ill or disabled. 

Caring for someone with a neurological condition can affect your own physical and mental wellbeing and carers, particularly carers of neurodisabled people, often have little support provision and can be left feeling isolated, stretched to the limit and struggling to cope. 

CoDa’s Dance for Carers sessions provide a space for people to focus on themselves, stay fit, and connect with others in their community, as well as being signposted to other services. 

CoDa’s Dance for Carers sessions can be delivered in person or online and are designed to increase confidence and provide inclusive and supported opportunities for creativity and self-expression.

Read one of our case studies

“I’d go mad without it [dance sessions]. They use inspiring and inventive ways to encourage everyone to take part, including myself. I’ve also got to meet other patients on the ward and know them by name. It’s a social lifeline, not just for Steve but also for me.”

Anne, wife of Steve - a residential in-patient at the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability