The live REwired production combines dance, projection and sound to investigate the experiences of people with neurological disabilities (including MS), shedding light on the unusual physical symptoms associated with the condition. 

Dancers, composers, projection mappers collaborated in 4 research residencies over 6 months to explore a range of unique physical symptoms experienced by people with neurological disabilities, as well as memories of and resistance to living with diagnosis.

The artists responded to real life stories offered by participants from research and participation workshops in medical centres and hospitals. Participants are also invited and empowered to be consultants and co-creators of the work, feeding back on work and shaping the project as it develops.

REwired is designed to be performed in normally unseen medical settings like hospitals and medical centres. The intimate performances will surround the audience with sound and light, flooding the senses and giving an immersive insight on what its like to live with a neurological disability like MS.

Performances will be tailored to different audiences depending on their access needs and relationship to neurological disabilities. Versions of the performance will be created specifically for: the public and patients; more severely disabled patients; and family, friends, therapists, doctors, nurses (aka the Care Network). A programme of workshops will accompany live performances for care networks of neuro-disabled people to discuss implications of living with condition.

We are currently seeking commissioning and delivery partners for the next stage of the project. Contact CoDa’s Producer Elise Phillips to discuss potential partnerships.

Participatory project One in Six runs in conjunction with REwired. Weekly dance sessions with neuro-disabled people develop physical and creative skills as well as elevating participants to become consultants for CoDa’s professional performance work. CoDa are also working in partnership with the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability to investigate the impact of dance on patients with sustained brain injury.