Digital dance performance, available on-demand

REwired is a digital dance performance (available on-demand) that fused dance, projection mapping and architectural sound to tell the hidden stories of people who live with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). 


Imagine, you’re waiting at the bus stop. Your vision blurs, the floor shifts beneath you like quick sand. You go to stand up but are unable to move. The air seems heavy but you can’t speak to let anyone know. When your brain says one thing, and your body says another, how do you get up and carry on? 

Dancers, a multi-media artist and composer react to each other live, creating spontaneous moments that emulate how the body reacts to the unique symptoms of neurological conditions. 


  • 35-minute performance
  • On-demand screenings
  • Post show discussions encouraged (in person or via Zoom)
  • Available now


We worked closely with neurologically disabled Lived Experience Consultants who collaborated in this research. They fed into concept development, shared testimonials and fed back on what was most impactful in the work.

“Seeing her not being able to stand up, that’s me getting up out of bed every day. I don’t talk about it but that’s my truth.”

Audience member with MS