Don’t Look Down

A scalable installation featuring multiple digital art works

Don’t Look Down builds on CoDa’s ongoing artistic research into how dance and creative technologies can illuminate the lived experiences of neuro-disabled people. 

We use clever sensor technologies with stunning digital design, presented on extra-large tv screens, to offer interactive experiences that get people moving and lead audiences into the world of neurological disabilities. Alongside this we fuse contemporary dance with virtual and augmented realities in short digital dance films that illuminate the stories of the neurologically disabled Lived Experience Consultants who collaborate on creating our artistic works. The installation will tour hyper-locally in Thurrock during 2024, regionally across Essex in 2025, and beyond in 2026.

Research and Development

In 2023, we delivered the biggest research project we’ve ever delivered, fusing dance, creative technologies and access to make interactive dance experiences and digital dance films that illuminate the lived experiences of people living with MS, Parkinsons, acquired brain injury and other neurological conditions. Building on this research, we were in the studio in January working more on the films as part of Don’t Look Down. The video below gives a sneak peak of what we got up to. 

“I think the interpretation of what we said collectively, and how you grasped it artistically and interpreted it through dance was incredible.” 

Lived Experience Consultant