As the Floor Shifts

Virtual and augmented realities fuse with athletic contemporary dance to deliver exciting, thought-provoking and accessible audience experiences.

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CoDa Dance Company is a unique contemporary dance company specialising in thought-provoking outdoor and digitally immersive performance and exceptional community work.

We specialise in dance and neurology. We deliver dance as a physiotherapy tool for neurodisabled people in hospitals and community settings, giving people joyful and meaningful experiences that inspire creativity and curiosity.

16.5 million

people in UK living with 1 or more neurological conditions


Dance For Neurology sessions delivered since 2013


clinicians support
CoDa Dance on
their ward 

As The Floor Shifts 

Dance fuses with extended realities and creative technologies to create exciting and immersive experiences that shed light on the hidden lived experiences of people affected by neurological disabilities, who have been shielding throughout the pandemic.


Thought-provoking dance performance (available on-demand) that integrated dance, projection mapping and 3D sound to shed light on what it’s like to live with a neurological condition like Multiple-Sclerosis (MS). 

Dance for Neurology

Vital Dance for Neurology sessions for hospitals and communities in the South East, underpinned by our pioneering inclusive methodology for in-person and online sessions, get everyone moving and dancing, including those with severe disabilities.

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