Our impact

16.5 million
people in the UK

There are approximately 16.5 million people in the UK living with one or more neurological conditions with thousands more being diagnosed every year.

CoDa Dance aim to reach as many people as possible, to provide physical movement rehabilitation and emotional respite to participants. 

We ensure we provide the best service possible through sensitive and continuous monitoring and evaluation. We work in partnership with hospital and community staff to tailor our methodologies to the participants and patients they serve. Our Research Partner, Tijana Jevtic (Research Fellow at University College London) is collaborating with Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disabilities research staff to achieve NHS Ethics for our research into the impacts of dance activity on patient quality of life.

An evaluation report conducted in 2019/20 demonstrated that 80% of participants feel more relaxed after sessions and staff noted an 80% more positive mood on the ward. 100% of our participants and staff say it’s important to have dance on their ward. 

Dance for Neurology sessions can enhance fluidity of movement, develop postural stability, flexibility of the spine and improve balance. They also increase confidence and provide tailored and accessible opportunities for creativity and self-expression.

Delivered in-person and online, people leave our sessions feeling more energised, positive, and confident, as well as more connected socially. 

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