Nikki Watson

Nikki’s honesty and tenacious nature lie at the heart of all of her work, enabling her to connect with people and touch audiences. She believes that if we experience empathy we can better understand and show compassion for the world we live in.

In 2009, Nikki’s mother was diagnosed with Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (SPMS), a degenerative neurological disease that attacks the muscular system in the body. At the time there were limited resources to support newly diagnosed patients and their families. Nikki used her choreography as a way to navigate her complex emotional journey of self-discovery following the diagnosis. This has led her to comment socially, politically and emotionally to the complex world of neurology, patient care and government policy.

Nikki’s work uses movement, character, and increasingly light and sound, to explore the experiences of real people, shaping this into a form that emotionally engages with the viewer. Her aim is not to tell a literal story but to take the audience on a journey which begins and ends in movement. She wants to give audiences a flavour of the complex sensory and cognitive overload that people living with MS and other neurological conditions experience on a daily basis, with the hope that this will build a sense of empathy and raise awareness and understanding.