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CoDa Dance Company delivers exciting and innovative physical theatre and dance performances and community engagement projects. In the past 5 years CoDa has engaged with over 2000 participants and live audience through dance. We focus on creating cutting-edge choreography and performances by blending intense physical theatre with contemporary dance, under the choreographic direction of Nikki Watson. The company seeks to face taboos head on, challenging society's altruistic status quo and questioning why we are perceived as selfish if we broach such prohibited subjects. Nikki comments on society with honest responses to the world in which she lives. She develops characters and movement through observation and investigation of people, shaping this into a form that emotionally engages with the viewer. Her aim is not to tell a literal story but to take the audience on a journey which begins and ends in movement. Recent performances have taken audiences on an interactive experience to have influence over the performers and other audience members, receiving excellent feedback:

"I really appreciated your immersive experience last week. I love what the sensory deprivation does to my brain in a theatre encounter. It adds tension and a sense of disorientation. You see things out of the corner of your eye but you can’t rely on your usual senses. Love it!! Timshel was obviously quite a personal piece for you so thanks for putting that out there."


Over the past year CoDa has received a number of commissions to create professional works for audiences from Surrey Arts, Surrey Dance Collective, Wandsworth Arts, University of Roehampton, Ludus Dance. CoDa have most recently collaborated with Emergency Exit Arts and Spare Tyre to create a large scale outdoor site responsive performance work.